Program Improvement Program (PIP)

In fiscal year 2003, the Department undertook the coordination and implementation of Hawaii’s Federal Child and Family Services Review (CFSR). The CFSR is the single most important Federal review of a state’s child welfare system, measuring systemic capabilities and effectiveness of its programs and services. Using the findings of the CFSR, a state is required to successfully develop and implement a Program Improvement Plan (PIP). Hawaii’s two-year PIP was approved by the Federal Administration for Children and Families (ACF) on July 1, 2004. CFSR Round 2 for Hawaii is expected in 2008.

See our final PIP Summary for CFSR “1”

As a result of the CFSR review and in collaboration with the federal Administration for Children and Families, the Department adopted the following priorities, which we believe are having a significant impact on the CFSR outcomes and our efforts to comply with the federal mandate to aggressively reform the CWS program to enhance outcomes for children and families:

  • CWS will ensure child safety by a timely response to all reports of child abuse and
    neglect accepted for investigation by CWS.
  • CWS workers will conduct ongoing safety, risk and needs assessments on all children
    and families in cases active with CWS.
  • CWS will ensure that every family and every child, as appropriate, are actively involved in developing their case plan.
  • CWS will ensure that every child in our care, every family and every foster family are
    visited at least once a month by the assigned caseworker and afforded the opportunity of a face-to-face interview in cases active with CWS.

Final PIP Report 2006

Hawaii PIP Powerpoint

Hawaii PIP Workplan