LIHEAP provides heating and/or cooling assistance to needy Hawai‘i households by assisting with payments towards their utility bill (electric or gas) in two ways:

  • Energy Crisis Intervention (ECI) program assists with up to $350 to restore or prevent termination of power to the residence of a household whose electricity or gas has been shut off within 60 days or is about to be terminated within 7 days. This is a one-time only payment which will be deposited directly into their utility account.
  • The Energy Credit (EC) program provides needy households who are not in crisis with a one-time payment which will be deposited directly into their utility account.

To be eligible for the program an application must be submitted with all individuals (related or unrelated) living at the residence.  Verification of Social Security numbers for all household members, identification for all adults, must be a U.S. citizen or meet permanent residency requirements, income, and utility bills must be submitted when determining eligibility for the program.  Applications for this program are taken annually, currently in June.

LIHEAP Model State Plan for FFY2017
Written comments may be submitted by by July 15, 2017
to Teri Ann Escudero, LIHEAP Coordinator
820 Mililani St.
Suite 606
Honolulu, HI 96813
Phone: 808-586-5734
Fax: 808-586-5744
Email: tescudero@dhs.hawaii.gov

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Teri Ann Escudero, LIHEAP Coordinator
Phone:  (808) 586-5734
820 Mililani St., Suite 606
Honolulu, HI  96813