Hawaii Administrative Rules and DHS Policies

Hawaii Administrative Rules/Proposed Amendments to the Hawaii Administrative Rules and DHS Policies and Procedures

  • Administrative Rules for Programs
  • Proposed Rule Addition and Amendment
    Posted at this site are the notices of public hearing and proposed rules to promulgate changes with Hawaii Administrative Rules Chapter 91, Title 17, Department of Human Services. The Notices of Public Hearing contain hearing information and a brief description of the proposed changes for each chapter. The Proposed Rules are in “Ramseyer format” which includes both the existing rules and the proposed changes by bracketing material to be deleted and underscoring material to be added. If material being deleted is a sub-chapter or larger unit, the format will cite material to be deleted; if material to be added is a subchapter or larger unit of organization, the format will cite material to be added. Notices and proposed rules are provided through the Lieutenant Governor’s website in compliance with Act 301, SLH 1999.
  • Administrative Hearing Applications
    Program applicants and clients often can resolve disputed matters by talking to someone in the Division office.  Please contact the office that made your determination to discuss any and all possibilities.  If you still disagree with the decision or action taken, you have the right to file an appeal (also called Review or Administrative Hearing or Administrative Appeal or Fair Hearing).
  • Virtual Rules Center
    Rules of the Other Agencies
  • DHS Policies and Procedures Manual
    Internal Complaint Policy and Procedures, Number 4.1.2, OPR: PERS
  • Hawaii Revised Statutes
    Refer to HRS Chapter 346 Title 20 for Department of Human Services Statutes; Chapter 352 for Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility; Chapter 356D for HPHA; Chapter 587 for Child Protective Services/Child Protective Act.
  • Hawaii Medicaid State Plan
  • 1115 Waiver Demonstration
  • 1915(c) Waiver Demonstration