Exemptions from Child Care Regulation


The Hawaii Revised Statutes §346-152 lists those situations when a child care provider can be exempt from registration or licensing requirements. Parents should be aware that there are no assurances that health and safety requirements are met or enforced for these exempt programs, therefore, they should try to check a provider’s background and experience prior to choosing this type of care.  Also, although a child care provider may meet the exemption requirements, there is nothing prohibiting the provider from becoming registered or licensed.

These are some of the types of child care that are exempt from registration or licensing:

  • Care that is provided in the child’s home
  • Care that is provided by relatives
  • Care that is provided for up to two children that is unrelated to the provider
  • School-aged programs that are operated by community associations or multi-service organizations
  • School-aged programs that operate for no more than two consecutive calendar weeks in a three-month period
  • Programs that are operating less than six hours per week
  • Programs that provide specialized training or skill development


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