Reporting Complaints and Investigations

Any complaint made against a child care provider should be reported to the appropriate child care licensing unit (See Child Care Licensing Units).  The licensing unit will determine whether there is a child care law or licensing rule violation that needs to be investigated.

If an investigation is warranted, the licensing unit shall conduct an unannounced visit to the provider’s home or facility.

In accordance with Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) §346-153, the department shall maintain records for the current and previous two years of the results of its inspections; notifications to the providers of any deficiencies cited, corrective action taken, results of its investigations, resolutions of complaints.  Such records shall be available for the public to review in accordance with section 92-51, provided that with respect to the records of family child care homes and group child care homes, sensitive personal information or information provided to the department with the understanding it would not be publicly divulged shall be deleted or obliterated prior to making the records available to the public.

The department shall not release the names of or any other identifying information on the complainants.  The department may withhold information on a complaint investigation for not more than ten working days following the date of filing of the complaint, provided that if an investigation relates to an alleged criminal offense, no information shall be released to the public until the investigation has been completed and the director has determined that no legal proceeding will be jeopardized by its release.

If a complaint allegation concerns the abuse or neglect of a child, please contact the Department of Human Services’ Child Abuse/Neglect Hotline at (808) 832-5300.