SEE Hawaii Work

In SFY 2005, the Department of Human Services (DHS) implemented the SEE Hawaii Work (Supporting Employment Empowerment) Program to provide on-the-job training and employment opportunities with private sector employers for FTW participants that may have little or no work experience or basic work skills.  Participants employed through the SEE Program may work a minimum of 24 hours per week, for up to 6 months.

The SEE Hawaii Work Program is an employer and business-friendly program that transforms lives by helping TANF/TAONF recipient moms and dads break multi-generational cycles of poverty, find rewarding jobs in the private sector, and stay engaged in gainful employment.  It stimulates the economy by helping businesses meet their labor demands with minimal cost and effort.  The SEE Program saves taxpayer dollars by reducing the number of families on public assistance.  Most of the FTW participants employed through the SEE Program are either hired by the businesses that trained them, or obtain employment with other businesses.

Participating employers set and pay the wages and benefits to SEE employees (FTW participants).  DHS reimburses the employers 100% of the State’s current hourly minimum wage.  For each additional $1.00 per hour paid to the SEE employee, an additional $0.50 is reimbursed to the employer.  The maximum per hour rate paid to the employee that may be subsidized is $12.00, for no more than 40 hours per week.  Employers are also reimbursed 14% of the subsidized wages to cover the cost of training and other employment-related and overhead expenses.  In addition, DHS provides supportive service payments such as transportation and child care assistance to SEE employees.

For more information, please visit SEE Hawaii Work (Supporting Employment Empowerment) Program or call the SEE Hawaii Work Program at 808-792-8551.