What does Vocational Rehabilitation Mean?

It means to restore to work (Vocational means of or relating to a vocation (regular occupation or profession or work), and Rehabilitation means to restore to).

Can VR Help Me?

VR may be able to help you if you have a physical or mental impairment that keeps you from getting or keeping a job or from doing work you did before you were disabled, and you require at least one VR service that you cannot get elsewhere.

How Do I Apply?

Call one of the following numbers for the Island you live on: Oahu (Blind or Visually Impaired – (808) 586-5269; Non-Blind – (808) 586-4824; Hawaii (Hilo – (808) 974-6444 or Kona – (808) 323-0025); Maui (Wailuku – (808) 984-8350 or Molokai/Lanai – 808-553-3621); Kauai – (808) 274-3333

Do I have to Pay for the Services?

Maybe, but only if you require VR services that are not exempt from the agency’s means test and your assigned VR Counselor has completed a determination of your financial Status and has identified an amount that can be used to pay for such services.

What If I Disagree or I’m Dissatisfied with the Services I Am Receiving or My VR Counselor?

If you disagree or are dissatisfied with any decision or action taken by your assigned VR Counselor, you should inform your Counselor and try to work this out. If you are unable to work this out with the Counselor you should try to work this out with the Counselor’s supervisor or the VR manager. If you are still unable to work this out you may Request for a Review of the decision or action at a Due Process Hearing conducted by an Impartial Hearing Officer or through Mediation conducted by an Impartial Mediator, or both. You can also request for assistance or advice from the Client Assistance Program. Your VR Counselor should give you the information you need to request for a review and to contact the Client Assistance Program.

What If I Need Services Again?

You should call your former VR Counselor or anyone else in the agency to request for services if you need services again. If you were recently closed successfully employed and need services in relation to your employment, you may not need to go through the application and eligibility determination process which would be necessary if your needs have changed or are more extensive or comprehensive.

Who can I contact with comments or questions about VR services?

If you have comments or questions please contact the VR office in the area you reside https://humanservices.hawaii.gov/vr/contact-vr/