Business Enterprise Program (BEP)

Pictured above is a Blind Vendor running the register at his stand.



The objective of the Business Enterprise Program (BEP)  is to improve the quality of life for qualified persons who are blind through their placement as vending facility operators so that they can become self-supporting and tax paying members of society.

Vending facilities are located on federal, state, county and private properties.

The 42 vending facilities include retail, cafeteria, military dining facilities and snack bar operations. At these facilities, customers are able to purchase soft drinks, hot beverages, candies, magazines, snacks, greeting cards, bentos, sandwiches and other appropriate items.

Vending Program staff evaluate and provide ongoing management services to operators and training covers advertising and promotion, bookkeeping, inventory control, customer relations, filing taxes, financial management, maintenance, ordering merchandise, bill payments, selling merchandise and other tasks entailed with operating a small business.

For information on Hawaii’s laws concerning vending machines, refer to Hawaii Revised Statutes (HRS) 102-14 The Hawaii Blind Vendor Law.

A complete listing of Administrative Rules is posted on the DHS website

Pictured above is a Blind Vendor at her cafeteria stand assisting a customer.


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Hawaii State Committee of Blind Vendors (HSCBV) Meeting Minutes