About Ho`opono Services for the Blind

Ho’opono Services for the Blind is a branch of the Department of Human Services (DHS) Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR) that provides comprehensive and specialized services that meet the varied needs of consumers across the State who are blind, both deaf and blind, or visually impaired.  Services are provided free of charge regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or disability.

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Mission –  “Ho’opono” comes from the Hawaiian word “ho’oponopono” meaning “to make things right.”   Our mission is to create an environment where students gain the knowledge, skills and positive attitude they need to achieve success in life.

Vision – Blindness is not a barrier to success.  The goal of  Ho’opono Services is to enable visually impaired adults to attain maximum vocational and functional independence.

Blindness can vary from total blindness with no light perception to ability to read large print at a comfortable distance.  If you are having difficulty doing tasks at work or home because of poor vision, Ho’opono may be able to help you in a number of ways.  You do not have to be totally blind to use the Ho’opono  services.

The White Cane Walk – An annual participatory event that increases the general public’s awareness of the long white cane,  its significance  and its importance to persons who are blind and visually impaired.  

The Ho’opono Story 1994 – 2009 (Audio)

Ho’opono – Serving Hawaii’s Blind and Visually Impaired 2012 (Video)


New Visions

Ho‘opono’s New Visions program became a reality on November 1, 2002.  It utilizes effective methods and techniques to teach blindness skills such as cane travel and Braille.  Center students commit to full-time participation to take classes and learn new skills without the use of residual vision to become proficient in the use of the white cane.  Ho’opono leases several nearby apartments where students may reside at during their program training.  Practicing skills learned in the Center classes at the apartments helps students learn faster and more completely.  The New Visions Mission is to create an atmosphere where students gain knowledge, skills and develop a positive attitude about themselves. Developing confidence and blindness skills will enable them to obtain employment and make their dreams a reality.  Students participate in the planning and organization of numerous events in and for Ho‘opono as part of their training which includes luncheons, recognition ceremonies, and Open Houses. Students conduct tours of Ho‘opono and have joined consumer organizations to develop their social skills and awareness of issues that affect them.