Annual Homeless Persons Point-In-Time Count (PIT) Report

NOTE:  Beginning in 2018, Oahu and the Neighbor Islands began generating separate PIT Count reports and no longer issued a single statewide PIT Count report.   For more information regarding the Oahu PIT Count visit Partners in Care Oahu and for more information regarding the Neighbor Island PIT Count, visit Bridging the Gap.

2023 Oahu PIT Count Report  and 2023 Neighbor Island PIT Count Report

2022 Oahu PIT Count Report and 2022 Neighbor Island PIT Count Report

2021 – NOTE:  No unsheltered PIT Count was conducted in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

2020 Oahu PIT Count and 2020 Neighbor Island PIT Count

2019 Oahu PIT Count and 2019 Neighbor Island PIT Count

2018 Oahu PIT Count and 2018 Neighbor Island PIT Count

2017 Statewide PIT Count Report

2016 Statewide PIT Report
2016 PIT Overview

2015 Statewide PIT Report
2015 Oahu PIT Report

2014 Statewide PIT Report

2013 Statewide PIT Report

2012 Statewide PIT Report