Bridging the Gap & Partners in Care Announce 2017 Point-in-Time Results

Posted on May 10, 2017 in Main, NEWS

Partners in Care and Bridging the Gap announced the results of the 2017 Point-in-Time count.

Results from the 2017 Hawaii Statewide Homeless Point-In-Time (PIT) conducted on January 22, 2017 revealed the following information:
● 9% overall decrease in the numbers of homeless individuals from 7,921 persons in 2016 to 7,220 persons in 2017.
● 8% decrease in the total number of sheltered and unsheltered homeless veterans statewide compared to 2016, with a 9% increase on Oahu and 35% decrease on the neighbor islands.
● 8% decrease in the total number of chronic homeless individuals and families compared to 2016.
● 19% decrease in the total number of homeless families compared to 2016.

The statewide decrease was led by large overall decreases on Hawaii (32%), Maui (22%), and Kauai (7%). Oahu registered a very small, (0.4) percent overall increase.

The 2017 PIT overall decrease was fueled by a 12 percent decrease in unsheltered homelessness to 3,800 persons compared to 4,308 in 2016. Unsheltered homelessness declined on all three rural counties led by Hawaii (40%), Maui (24%), and Kauai (15%). The percent of homeless persons found to be unsheltered continued its pattern of growth on Oahu, with 61 percent of the state’s total unsheltered homeless. This continues a five-year upward trend if looking back to 2012 as the baseline year.

The 2017 Point-In-Time Count (PIT) represents the best available data to estimate a one-day homeless prevalence for the State of Hawaii. The primary objective of the count is to obtain a reliable estimate of the sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals and families at a specific point in time. PIT data collection is an integral part of local and national planning and acts in support of policy and resource allocations. As count execution improves, the reporting more accurately reflects the actual state of homelessness during that point-in-time. The count is also an excellent opportunity to engage the general public, community leaders, and private businesses in statewide homeless initiatives.

A Topline Overview of Report from Partners in Care and Bridging the Gap is available here.

The full PIT report is available here.