DCMP Interim Announcement FAQs

Posted on Dec 14, 2023 in Main

DCMP Announcement FAQs:  

Q: What is the disaster case management program (DCMP)? 

  • DCMP is traditionally a federally funded grant that the state administers. The Hawaii Department of Human Services was recently awarded this grant and anticipates launching the DHS DCMP in the next few months. More details on this program are forthcoming.
  • Given the need to provide survivors with services as soon as possible, the American Red Cross (ARC) has agreed to privately fund an interim DCMP on a limited duration and for a limited population.

Q:  Who is eligible for the disaster case management program (DCMP)?  

  • A: The privately funded INTERIM DCMP:
  • The American Red Cross (ARC) has agreed to fund this program to support survivors who are FEMA ineligible. This interim phase will focus first on providing services to individuals who are FEMA ineligible and currently in a Non-congregate Shelter (NCS) program- such as a hotel or Airbnb 30-day extension. If capacity allows, this interim DCMP may also provide these services to those who are FEMA ineligible and residing in alternative housing.
  • A: The DHS DCMP will provide these services to all survivors impacted by the fires, regardless of FEMA eligibility, for a minimum of two years. This approach builds on the State’s ongoing efforts in the community to ensure survivors can access the support they need. 
  • This interim DCMP has capacity to assist up to 700 survivors for up to 90 days.

Q: How can you apply?  

  • Survivors who are eligible for services in this privately funded interim DCMP will be contacted directly by either their currently assigned American Red Cross Shelter Resident Transition Specialist, or for those eligible who reside outside of the NCS hotels, by a disaster case manager to begin assessing needs and providing disaster recovery services. 

Q: Are there language access services?  

  • Disaster case managers will also be able to assist survivors who speak English as a second language.  

Q: What does the program include?  

  • Both the interim DCMP and the DHS DCMP will connect survivors with trained case managers to help assess and address their needs through a disaster recovery plan, which includes resources, decision-making priorities, providing guidance, and tools. 
  • The case managers will help survivors navigate the many programs, supports, and resources that have been made available, understand what assistance works best for them, and connect them with the best options.  
  • The Interim DCMP is funded by ARC and will fast-track benefits to FEMA ineligible survivors currently in the NCS programs. This interim DCMP provides 90 days of support to bridge the gap between the immediate need and the FEMA funded program. 
  • Additional details for the FEMA funded DCMP to be announced.  

Q: How long will the program be available for?  

  • Interim DCMP provides up to 90 days of support for up to 700 individuals to bridge the gap between the immediate need and the comprehensive FEMA funded DCMP.  
  • Once the FEMA grant process is complete, the comprehensive DHS DCMP will launch and be expanded to help provide additional support for more survivors for up to two years.  

Q: How many case managers are available?  

  • The interim DCMP will be able to help up to 700 survivors. 
  • The DHS DCMP will provide disaster case management services to all. 

Q: How is this program being funded/ how much funding is available?  

  • DHS is proud to launch the interim DCMP with funding from ARC to cover 90 days of support, providing services for up to 700 individuals. 
  • The DHS DCMP program is funded by the FEMA grant award.