Fatherhood Commission Members

FY 2020-21 Commission on Fatherhood

Chairperson – David “Kawika” Mattos
Representing County of Maui (Maui, Lana`i and Moloka`i)

Vice-Chair – Charles Woolfork
Representing County of Kaua`i

Secretary – Daniel Kittredge (Kaua`i) / At-Large

Finance Chair – Jeffrey Esmond (O`ahu) / At-Large

Representing the County of Honolulu (O`ahu)

Alan Sunio (O`ahu)
Representing the Hawai`i Coalition for Dads

Allen Cardines (O`ahu) / At-Large

Anthony Mendez (O`ahu) / At-Large

David Lunceford (O`ahu) / At-Large

As provided by HRS 557E-3, ex-officio membership includes the holders of the following state offices or their designees: Director of Human Services, Superintendent of Education, Director of Health, Attorney General, Director of Public Safety and the Executive Director of the Office of Youth Services.