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The mission of the Hawaii State Commission on Fatherhood is to promote healthy family relationships between parents and children by emphasizing the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. The Commission serves in an advisory capacity to state agencies and makes recommendations on programs, services, contracts, policies, and laws relating to children and families.

The Commission:

    1. Acts as a central clearinghouse and coordinating body for governmental and nongovernmental activities and information regarding the promotion of healthy fathering practices;
    2. Identifies and promotes promising best practices that support and engage fathers in the emotional and financial support of their children;
    3. Identifies and supports solutions to the obstacles that impede or prevent the involvement of fathers in the lives of their children;
    4. Raises public awareness of the importance of father involvement and the consequences of their absence to children;
    5. Recognizes outstanding fathers and father programs and services
    6. Recommends policies and practices, both within and without state government, that increase and improve services to fathers and which sustain and reengage fathers in their children’s lives;
    7. Promotes, fosters, encourages, and financially supports programs designed to educate and train men who are both current and future fathers in effective parenting skills, behaviors, and attitudes, strategies for overcoming personal challenges, and opportunities to be productive responsible contributors to their