Who Are We?


State Commission on Fatherhood:

Chairperson:  Mr. Chet Adessa

Oahu Commissioners (Voting)
Mr. Russ Awakuni
Mr. Bruce Berger
Mr. Carl Makino
Mr. Darrin Sato
Mr. Bruce Shimoda
Mr. Walter Yoshimitsu

Hawaii Island Commissioner (Voting)
Mr. Michael Dias

Kauai Commissioner (Voting)

Maui Commissioner (Voting)
Mr. Shannon Carrier

Ex-officio Members (Non-Voting)
Mr. Gordon Miyamoto
Mr. Russell Suzuki
Mr. Wilfredo Tungol

Applicants are needed for voting members on the Fatherhood Commission.  To apply to be a Commissioner in the State Commission on Fatherhood and help carry out SCF’s mission, please use the Commissioner application form at this link:  https://hawaii.gov/gov/about/boards-commissions.html

For more information contact:

Tony Benebese
Manager, Governor’s Office of Boards & Commissions
email:  [email protected]
Phone: (808) 586-0034



In 2005, the Commission conducted a strategic planning process to prioritize and categorize its work for the coming years. Currently, the Commission has four standing committees which are responsible for implementing projects and activities. They are:

    1. Information and Education
    2. Polices and Practices
    3. Public Relations and Promotion
    4. Events and Recognition

The Commission has met monthly since all Commissioners were appointed in December 2004. Meetings are open to the public and are generally held the third Tuesday of every month from 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm in the Lieutenant Governor’s Conference Room. Please notify the Chair if you wish to attend and to confirm the meeting time and location by sending an email to [email protected]