Hello Hilo!

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 in Main, NEWS

On Friday, June 16, Director Pankaj Bhanot spent the day on the east side of Hawai‘i Island in Hilo town. His morning began with a meeting at the Hilo Child Welfare Services (CWS) Branch. Dir. Bhanot wanted to pay a special visit to the office to share his support for the staff. He was joined by CWS Branch Administrator Kayle Perez and Assistant Administrator Cynthia Goss.

Dir. Bhanot also wanted to take the opportunity to visit the other hard-working offices in Hilo. In total, he visited eight offices across the town from each of the department’s four divisions and staff offices and more than a hundred team members.

Dir. Bhanot and his team wishes they could’ve spent more time with everyone but is happy he got a chance to meet so many in the DHS ‘ohana in person.