Interactive Databook Post

Posted on Apr 16, 2024 in Featured, Main

DHS Databook, in partnership with Hawaii Data Collaborative…

Who: Department of Human Services (DHS) and Hawaii Data Collaborative (HDC)

What: HDC used the data reported in the annual databook releases from 2002 thru 2022 to create one integrated and interactive visualization. Going forward, data will be added to the visualization annually with the databook release.

When: Goes live 16 April, 2024

Where: DHS website;

Why: The Department of Human Services provides vital benefits and services that serve as building blocks for individuals and families in need to achieve self-sufficiency and success on their own terms. Our team is made up of nearly 2,400 positions across the islands. We provide these benefits and services with one of the largest state department budgets of $4 billion, which includes the majority of the state government’s federal monies. More than 80% of these funds are distributed as benefits or services.

DHS shares yearly data from these programs and services in the form of our DHS data book. Transforming the static DHS data book to an interactive format increases DHS’s ability to share community-level, non-identifiable aggregate data with the community to better understand the needs of Hawaii residents who rely upon public benefits.

As a result, this will improve public understanding of government services and inform policies and decision making, in both the public and non-profit sectors, in line with HDC’s mission to promote a culture of data-guided decision making in Hawaii.