Jump on the Training Train

Posted on Jun 28, 2017 in Main, NEWS

DHS Dir. Pankaj Bhanot and other DHS employees participate in a CPR training.

Department of Human Services leadership believes wholeheartedly that our department only succeeds when we strive to continuously improve. The Personnel Office is one of our keys to continuous improvement.

Throughout the year, the Personnel Office offers trainings that DHS employees are encouraged to participate in. From trainings on bloodborne pathogens to verbal de-escalation, Personnel Training Staff lead employees through opportunities to serve our clients and themselves better.

Recently, DHS Director Pankaj Bhanot looked to improve himself through the Personnel Trainings by joining the Adult/Pediatric CPR/First Aid/AED class offered at the Queen Lili‘uokalani Building. Participants, including Dir. Bhanot, got hands-on training with training supervisor Wil Ikemori that can one day help them save lives.

DHS team members from various divisions take a break from CPR training.

“I truly believe in the work that Wil and his team are doing. They help us to improve how we serve our families and individuals as well as help us meet the requirements of our jobs in some cases. And, they make sure we’re ready for anything that may come – be it an emergency or otherwise. I believe it so much that I thought it was imperative to do the training myself while encouraging divisions and their teams to take advantage of the opportunities the Personnel Office provides,” said Dir. Bhanot.

The CPR class includes training for both adult and child life-saving techniques.

You can get more information on upcoming trainings on our website. You can also contact training staff supervisor Wil Ikemori for more information.