The Hawaii Home Birth Task Force was constituted and convened on July 8th, 2019, pursuant to Senate Bill 1033 SD2, HD2, that was signed into law as Act 32, Session Laws of Hawaii 2019), on April 30, 2019.   Act 32 establishes the licensure of midwives under the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, appropriates funds; exempts birth attendants and Native Hawaiian healers from licensure requirements; and establishes a task force under the Hawaii State Commission on the Status of Women.


Act 32 specifies that the task force shall have no more than twelve members including the director of commerce and consumer affairs, the director of health or the director’s designee; a representative from the Hawaii section of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, a representative of the Healthcare Association of Hawaii, and members recommended by the Hawaii Home Birth Collective that represent the following groups:  certified nurse midwife; certified professional midwife; home birth elder; traditional or cultural birth attender; and a member of the public that has used home birth services.


Act 32 Sec. (e) directs the task force to investigate issues relating to direct entry midwives and home births.  The investigation shall include but not be limited to the following:

     (1)  Data collection and reporting on home births;

     (2)  Definitions, Education and training of direct entry midwives; and

     (3)  Regulation of direct entry midwives


The Hawaii Home Birth Task Force welcomes public comments both in writing and during its public meetings during the allocated agenda time.  Please address your emailed written comments, 100 words/one page to [email protected] prior to scheduled meetings.  Please see links below for further information.

Hawaii Home Birth Task Force Scheduled Meetings

Hawaii Home Birth Task Force Members

Hawaii Home Birth Task Force Final Report – December 11, 2019

Hawaii Home Birth Task Force Final Appendices 1-7 – December 11, 2019