UIPA Requests – Access to Government Records

Posted on May 4, 2020 in Main

The Uniform Information Practices Act (Modified), Chapter 92F, Hawaii Revised Statutes (“UIPA”) defines “government records” as: information maintained by a government agency in written, auditory, visual, electronic, or other physical form.
[Haw. Rev. Stat. §92F-3]

These records would include written documents, maps, tape recordings, films, video tapes, microfiche, and information stored in computers.

To make a Uniform Information Practices Act request from the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS), please email:
[email protected]


What are the guidelines for requesting government records?

Clearly and specifically describe the records or information you are seeking.

Identify agency
Determine which government agency maintains the information and the name of the officer in charge of the record. Contact that officer to gain access to the records you seek.

Contact agency
Request the record or information you want by calling, faxing, or writing to the officer in charge of the record at the agency maintaining the information. You do not have to say why you are requesting the record.

Arrange notification
It may be helpful to provide the agency with:

  • your name (or an alias under which you can be contacted if you do not wish to use your real name);
  • your mailing address; and
  • a phone or fax number where you can be reached with questions or notifications about your request.

Although you do not have to identify yourself in order to view a public record, the agency should ask you to provide personal identification if you are requesting access to your own personal record. In addition, the agency may ask to hold your personal identification while you are viewing your personal record.

Written requests
Although not required, everyone is encouraged to provide the above information in writing. This makes it possible to keep track of your request and contact you for correspondence about your request.

You may use the State of Hawai‘i Office of Information Practices’ form to submit your request to DHS:

If you wish, specify the total dollar amount you are prepared to pay for reproduction costs associated with filling your request. Before your request is filled, you may ask to be notified if the costs will exceed this amount.

The form is to be sent to the government agency that maintains the government record, not to the Office of Information Practices.

Contact information:
Email: [email protected]
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 339, Honolulu, HI 96809-0339